We are a CLIA certified and CAP (College of American Pathologist) accredited medical laboratory. For many years, we provide professional test service to thousands of physicians in more than 400 medical facilities over 30 States.

We focus on high-complexity tests to accurately and quickly detect pathogens.
Through implementation of advanced molecular techniques, we are able to screen a broad range of bacteria, fungi, viruses in designed test panels.
Especially our method can detect pathogens that are difficult to grow or cannot be cultured by other traditional test methods.

The Value

We provide a variety of test panels, each panel covers a specific clinical need. Test results deliver a valued information associated with infectious etiology, supporting physicians to make a right decision for diagnosis.

Our Test Capability

Our high-throughput testing platform enables us to process 1500 samples daily.

Our Technologies

Our test platform is a real-time PCR array.

Our Mission

We work closely with physicians to develop unique tests to meet the special clinical needs and provide valued service to medical communities.