Rapid test results contribute to timely therapeutic decisions

Specialized in infections

Molecular tests for infection diseases


Result in 24 hours

Sample collection (day 1)
Overnight ship to Lab (day1)
Lab receiving, test and report (day 2)

Advanced to traditional culture

Single test detects bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites
Detect pathogens that are difficult to culture
One test is equal to multiple culture tests
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Assured results, bring true value to your practice

To order test

We only accept samples from medical professionals

Step 1

Fill order request form or email to

Step 2

Our staff will send you a startup package to include
instruction and sample collection kit.

To get test report

The test report will be available in 16- 24 hours after lab
receives the samples. There are three ways to read the report:

Online portal
Login to your account to read the test results 24/7

We also can send test report by Fax.

Security e-mail
Send by HIPPA compliant e-mail.

Preconfigured test panels to meet clinical needs

24-48 hours
Contributes to timely
therapeutic decisions
Identify organisms that can be difficult
to grow in traditional cultures
Each pathogen is identified by
a specific genetic marker
Quantifiable Results
Identify growth level pathogens to
indicate a severity of infection.

Reliable results you can count on

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